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Give Your Lover an Erotic Amateur Massage

You want to spice things up in the bedroom and give your lover an experience they'll never forget. Forget the fancy spas and overpriced massage oils. The key to an unforgettable erotic massage is creating the right mood and focusing on what your partner enjoys. With some massage oil, ambient lighting, relaxing music, and your playful imagination, you have everything you need to pull off an erotic DIY massage that will have your lover melting under your masterful hands in no time. While a professional massage is nice, nothing compares to the intimate thrill of your lover's touch. Follow these simple tips and techniques to give your partner an erotic massage they'll be fantasizing about for weeks to come.

Set the Mood for an Erotic Massage

To set the mood for an unforgettable erotic massage, you'll want to focus on ambiance, music, lighting, scents, and supplies.


Make the room cozy by adjusting the thermostat to a warm and comfortable temperature. Light some candles or turn on a dim lamp. Keep things neat and tidy to minimize distractions.


Play some slow, sensual music without lyrics. Nature sounds, ambient electronica, or chill lounge music works great. Keep the volume low so you can still hear each other breathe.


Dim the main lights or turn them off completely and rely on candlelight or a small lamp. Shadows will make your lover's body look even more enticing.


Use massage oil scented with sandalwood, lavender or jasmine. You can also light incense or essential oil diffusers. Pleasant aromas will arouse your senses.


Have everything ready so you don't have to stop halfway through. Get massage oil, towels, a sheet or blanket, pillows, ice cubes, feathers, silk fabric - whatever you want to use to tantalize your lover's body.

With the mood set and supplies on hand, you're ready to give your lover an intimate massage they'll never forget. Take it slow, be attentive to how their body responds, and savor each sensation. An erotic massage can be a deeply bonding sensual experience when done right. Now go pamper your partner!

Essential Oils and Lotions for an Erotic Amateur Massage

For an erotic massage, essential oils and scented lotions are a must. They help set the mood and leave your lover's skin soft and sensitized to your touch.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil melts at body temperature, so it feels luxurious when massaged into the skin. It has a mild tropical scent and natural antibacterial properties.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is lightweight, absorbs quickly, and leaves skin satiny soft. Its faint nutty aroma is natural and sensual.

Jasmine Oil

The heady, exotic floral scent of jasmine oil is intensely romantic and helps unleash feelings of passion and desire. Use it sparingly since the fragrance can be overpowering.

Vanilla Lotion

Nothing says sensuality like the warm, spicy-sweet scent of vanilla. Look for an all-natural vanilla lotion or make your own by mixing a few drops of vanilla extract into unscented lotion.

Peppermint Lotion

Peppermint lotion creates a tingling sensation when massaged into the skin that can feel stimulating in intimate areas. The fresh, minty aroma helps awaken the senses.

With the right essential oils and lotions, you have everything you need to give an unforgettable erotic massage. Start with long, slow strokes using warm oil, paying extra attention to sensitive spots. Pour more oil as needed to keep skin lubricated as your touch becomes more intimate and sensual. Take your time - a leisurely massage is the ultimate indulgence for your lover.

Erotic Massage Techniques to Try

An erotic massage is a sensual experience that can enhance intimacy and arousal between lovers. Here are some techniques to try:

Teasing Touches

Start with light, sensual touches all over their body. Gently caress their skin using your fingertips, nails or a feather. Pay extra attention to erogenous zones like their neck, inner thighs and feet.

Sensual Strokes

Use warm massage oil and slowly stroke along their body using your palms and fingers. Long, flowing strokes over their back, legs and arms. Knead their muscles with your knuckles or heel of your hand. Circle your palms over their lower back and hips.

Tantalizing Kisses

Place soft kisses all over their body, especially sensitive areas. Gently suck or nibble their neck, earlobes, nipples or inner thighs. Let your breath linger on their skin between kisses for added sensation.

Intimate Touches

Once fully aroused, gently massage their genitals and erogenous zones. For men, cradle and stroke the scrotum, perineum and shaft. For women, massage the breasts, clitoris and vaginal opening. Start slow and build up pressure and speed based on their cues. Insert fingers or sex toys for internal stimulation if desired.

An erotic massage can be a passionate experience for you both. Take your time exploring each other's bodies. Pay close attention to your lover's responses to see what they enjoy. Most importantly, have fun with it! An unrushed, playful attitude will make for an unforgettable intimate evening.

Best Positions for Receiving an Erotic Massage

The best positions for an erotic massage allow full access to your partner's body while keeping them comfortable. Some top recommendations:

Lying face up

Have your partner lie face up on the bed with pillows under their head and knees. This position allows you to massage the front of their body, including legs, thighs, stomach, chest, arms, and face. For added pleasure, prop their arms up over their head – this subtle bondage position is arousing for many.

Lying face down

Ask your partner to lie face down with their arms at their sides. This allows you to focus on their back, buttocks, and the backs of their legs. Place a pillow under their ankles and hips to raise their butt slightly. Rub massage oil onto their skin using slow, sensual strokes. Gently knead their neck and shoulders to release tension before moving down their body.


Have your partner sit on the edge of the bed or in a chair with their legs apart. Stand behind them and rub their neck, shoulders and arms. Reach around to caress their chest and stomach. Slowly proceed to massage their thighs, gently pushing their legs further apart. This seated position is perfect for an erotic massage because you have easy access to all of their pleasure points.


Ask your partner to lie on their side with their knees bent. prop pillows under their head and knees for support. Stand behind them and start with a scalp and neck massage. Work your way down one side of their body at a time, rubbing their shoulder, arm, hip, leg and foot. Roll them over to the other side to massage the opposite areas. The side position allows for an unrushed, sensual massage of each section of their body.

An erotic massage in the right position can be intensely arousing and pleasurable for your lover. Take your time exploring their body and be attentive to their cues and responses. The goal is to relax them, stimulate their senses and turn them on. With the perfect combination of touch, positioning and massage oil, you'll have them melting with desire in no time.

Safety Tips for Giving an Amateur Erotic Massage

Giving an erotic massage to your lover can be an exciting and intimate experience for you both. However, there are a few safety tips you should keep in mind:

Set the mood

Dim the lights, light some candles and play some sensual music. Make sure the room is warm and cozy. You want your partner to feel relaxed.

Use massage oil

Apply massage oil to warm it up before rubbing it on your partner's bare skin. The oil will help your hands glide smoothly and sensuously over their body. Look for an oil that is edible, fragrant and moisturizing. Avoid any oils containing nut extracts if your partner has nut allergies.

Start slow

Begin with a gentle scalp or foot massage. Slowly work your way up their legs and arms using long, flowing strokes. Build up anticipation before focusing on more erogenous zones. Tease them with light, fleeting touches. Pay attention to their body language and breathing to see what they enjoy most.

Focus on erogenous zones

Gently massage the ears, neck, inner thighs, lower back and buttocks. Stimulate pleasure points on the body like the perineum. Be very gentle and make sure your partner gives enthusiastic consent as you explore more intimate areas. Stop immediately if they feel uncomfortable.

Stay safe

Do not insert fingers or any objects into any orifices unless you have discussed this beforehand and have your partner's consent. Be aware of the signs of an adverse reaction like rashes, irritation or allergic reactions and stop the massage immediately if noticed. Both partners should feel respected, cared for and safe at all times.


Ask for feedback to find out what your partner enjoys most. Watch and listen for their arousal and pleasure cues. An erotic massage is meant to be a sensual experience you share together. Make eye contact, kiss, caress and speak words of affirmation to deepen your intimate connection.


So there you have it, an easy step-by-step guide to giving your lover an erotic amateur massage they won't soon forget. All you need is some massage oil, a little time, and the desire to drive your partner wild. With the power of touch and the element of surprise, you'll have them melting into your hands in no time. And the best part is, the massage is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only will your lover be riding the pleasurable waves during the massage, but the memories and sensations will linger for hours and days afterwards. Why not schedule a massage tonight and transport your lover to a blissful new height of ecstasy and arousal. Their body and your relationship will thank you for it!