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Joy Show massage

Let yourself be pampered by one of our masseuses and experience the true euphoria of an erotic massage for yourself. Always a pleasant atmosphere, energy full of eroticism and thematically equipped spaces for the most intense experience.

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The course of the massage

The spark starts already after your arrival in the salon and the first look into the eyes of the masseuse, who is in sexy lingerie and a bathrobe. To begin with, the masseuse will ask you to take a shower, maybe even a shared shower, then she will take you to a room where she will place you on the bed and with gentle movements she will start stroking your whole body until it shimmers slightly and she will make sure whether you are relaxed and starting to relax.

Then the masseuse starts applying hot oil on every inch of your body and also slowly starts applying oil on her sexy hot body and you literally have to see it reflected in the mirrors. He will then massage you all over his naked body. When you turn on your back, you are in for an absolutely amazing ride. The masseuse will start massaging the penis and the testicles while playing with herself or with the help of various toys, and so on until the very end and a bilateral climax that will literally take your breath away.

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Rules of massage

Erotic massage is NOT the provision of sexual services. Oral or classic sex is not part of the massage. It is not possible even for an additional fee. On the contrary, suggestions of this type offend the masseuse and may end the massage.


60 minutes

- 150 EUR

90 minutes

- 210 EUR

120 minutes

- 280 EUR