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Pussycat massage

A Pussycat massage awaits you, which will relax and warm up your body with the help of natural hot oils on the neck, back, buttocks, including nail scratching of the back, and you will rest all the time, enjoying the touches and a perfect female body that you can kiss.

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The course of the massage

The masseuse will welcome you in a sexy bathrobe, take you to a room where you will agree on the details of the massage together. He will take you to the shower where the whole massage can start with mutual touches. Before the massage, some masseuses offer various extra interests that will heat you up more.

Before explaining the individual points, we will emphasize the fact that you can kiss the masseuse all over your body. Unlike a classic massage, the masseuse will massage you in position 69, in which the climax itself will also occur. Now, however, we will take a look at how such a massage actually takes place, so that you have maximum ideas about it. As with any other erotic massage, he invites you to take a shower together, which is not only before the process, but also after it. This form of rest will bring you to your knees.

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Rules of massage

Erotic massage is NOT the provision of sexual services. Oral or classic sex is not part of the massage. It is not possible even for an additional fee. On the contrary, suggestions of this type offend the masseuse and may end the massage.


60 minutes

- 100 EUR

90 minutes

- 135 EUR

120 minutes

- 185 EUR